What types of Publications does PBI offer?

PBI offers a variety of options to meet your needs, including the following Publications products. 

PBI Press Books

With the help of expert lawyers, judges, and other professionals, PBI publishes high-quality reference books in 16 major practice areas. PBI Press books are professionally edited, indexed, typeset, and updated regularly with supplements and new editions. These resources—featuring fully searchable electronic text and forms downloads—will save you hours of research and drafting time.

Course Books

PBI’s unique course manuals—commonly known as “yellow books”—transform dynamic presentations into relatable references.  PBI’s staff and award-winning faculty supplement our programming with over 300 course-related books every year.  Now accessible through electronic download, these books feature highly practical information, including legal analysis, case updates, practice tips, and forms.

E-Docs & Forms

PBI’s E-docs — key-word searchable articles and forms from our popular course manuals — are available for immediate download.  Forms are formatted in Microsoft Word for your convenience.